Garceth Cunampio



Garceth grew up in an Embera village in the Darien Gap – a jungle that National Geographic called “one of the most rugged places” on earth. He…

…was born in a hut, made only out of palm.

…travelled on the Rio Chico by dugout canoe.

…camouflaged himself to hunt wild boar.

…spearfished for Tilapia, Dogfish and River Shrimp.

…helped injured ocelots and assisted anteaters.

…worked as a park ranger for 11 years and guide for Smithsonian tropical research scientists.

…travelled to the USA on full scholarship to complete a degree in Natural Resources.

…became trilingual in Embera, Spanish and English.

If visiting the jungle is like going to a party full of interesting strangers, Garceth is the friendly host who will introduce you to everyone. In a few short hours, you could meet whiteface monkeys, poison dart frogs, snakes and countless tropical birds. And somewhere, between howling at howler monkeys and eating dinner around a fire, you’ll realize that you’re on the trip of your lifetime.

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