Reader’s Digest named Panama as the world’s #1 destination for tropical birding, and with good reason. Our rainforests are filled with tropical birds, including many unique species that are difficult to find elsewhere. Soberina Park and Darien National Park were specifically highlighted. We frequently run bird watching tours to both of these world class destinations.

Garceth at Panama Tours Panama is passionate about all of the flora and fauna in Panama – but has a particular love for birds. His commitment to birdwatching and bird conservation combine to make Garceth an ideal guide for birding in Panama. Garceth can take you to many areas rich with bird species including the Soberina Park and the Darién National Park.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology - eBird - Panama

Panama Birding Hot Spot

eBird is the world’s largest biodiversity-related citizen science project, with more than 100 million bird sightings contributed each year by eBirders around the world. A collaborative enterprise with hundreds of partner organizations, thousands of regional experts, and hundreds of thousands of users, eBird is managed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

When it comes to birds, Pirre Mountain has it all.

Yellow Throated Toucan
Yellow Throated Toucan

Pirre Mountain, in Darien National Park, reaches an elevation of 5,400. Here visitors can view unique species of resident and migratory birds. The diversity of the Darien means guests can enjoy a variety of common and extremely rare species. Contrast a hike up to the mountain with a lowland trail to truly experience these different biomes. Garceth’s expert guiding in these world class parks create a magical birding experience.

Break a World Bird-Watching Record at Soberania National Park

There are more than 500 species of birds recorded along Pipeline Road in Soberania National Park. This trail set the world record for 24-hour bird counts for several years. Even children enjoy watching colourful toucans, antbirds, motmots, trogons, tanagers and flycatchers. An easy day trip from Panama City, this is the bird watching trip to take if you are short on time.

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