Chagres National Park Panama

Embera Cultural Tours

Day and Overnight Trips to Embera Villages

We arrange group tours, overnights and cultural experiences in the Embera Villages. All excursions must be arranged in advance. Please contact us for availability and prices.

Embera Culture

Day Trip

Our day trips visit the Embera Puru village in Chagres National Park. This is the most traditional village and the best place to learn about herbal medicine, shamanism, midwifery, marriage and Embera culture in general.

Enjoy a longer dugout canoe ride that goes deeper into the jungle. Embera Puru has more mountains, larger trees and the most biodiversity. So you’ll have a greater opportunity to interact with nature.

Enjoy a musical performance with ancient instruments and ceremonial dances. Savour a traditional jungle lunch of fried fish, plantains and tropical fruit served in a bowl made of Bijao leaves.

Your visit to Embera Puru includes:

  • Transfer by car from your hotel (approx. 1 hr 15 min each way)
  • Cruise up river on a motorized dugout canoe (1 hr 45 min each way)
  • Traditional lunch (fish, plantain and fruit)
  • Cultural presentation
  • Music and dance performance
  • Time to visit the artisan market
  • Unlimited photos
  • Natural, temporary Jagua tattoo (optional)

Village Homestay

Stay overnight at Embera Puru and immerse yourself in jungle culture. Get all of the activities offered in our day trip, along with lunch, dinner with a family and breakfast the next morning. You will stay overnight in a handcrafted palm hut, and we will provide all of your overnight equipment including your mattress, mosquito net, etc.

Embera Arts and Culture

Unique Cultural Activities

River Adventure

For those with the stamina, hike through the jungle and return to the village by canoe or balsa raft. Spend a full six hours in the jungle. This is an excellent opportunity to see wildlife and birds. Food, fruit and water included.

Embera Art Class

Amazing opportunity for those who love art and craft! Learn to make cocobolo wood carvings, baskets, masks or plates. All materials provided.


Try your hand at spearfishing or fishing with traditional gear.